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Britney Spears speaks out against 'abusive' conservatorship at hearing
"I just want my life back," the US pop star says in a rare public testimony.
Published: Jun 24, 2021 01:06:44

Gold rush fuels armed violence in Brazilian Amazon
Illegal miners are accused of targeting indigenous communities, as violence in the rainforest rises.
Published: Jun 24, 2021 01:06:46

Biden backs funding more police to fight crime wave
Amid claims his party is soft on crime, the president backs hiring more police beyond pre-pandemic levels.
Published: Jun 24, 2021 01:06:36

Buckingham Palace reveals 8.5% ethnic minority staff
Royal accounts show 8.5% of household staff are of ethnic minority - its target for 2022 is 10%.
Published: Jun 24, 2021 01:06:28

Why has the Hoover Dam hit an historically low water level?
The largest US reservoir fell to its lowest level in history, threatening water and power supplies.
Published: Jun 24, 2021 01:06:38

Nigeria child abduction: Kidnappers demand millions for a child's life
Kidnappers have seized more than 1,000 students and staff in raids on schools in northern Nigeria since December.
Published: Jun 24, 2021 01:06:43

Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Heavy casualties reported after air strike
Eyewitnesses tell the BBC the Ethiopian air force struck a market, which it denies.
Published: Jun 23, 2021 23:06:38

John McAfee: Anti-virus creator found dead in prison cell
The software mogul is found dead hours after a Spanish court allowed his extradition to the US on tax charges.
Published: Jun 23, 2021 23:06:00

Vice-President Kamala Harris to make first trip to border
The vice-president has faced repeated questions about why she has not visited the border.
Published: Jun 23, 2021 23:06:03

Euro 2020: Fans make pro-LGBT protest at Germany-Hungary football game
Rainbow flags were flown at the match, after Uefa banned the arena from lighting up in the colours.
Published: Jun 23, 2021 22:06:53

US cheerleader wins free speech case against her former school
Brandi Levy was kicked off her cheerleading squad after sharing a profanity-laden social media post.
Published: Jun 23, 2021 20:06:56

Investor Warren Buffett gives away $4.1bn more to charity
The 90-year-old billionaire investor has pledged to give away all of his Berkshire Hathaway shares.
Published: Jun 23, 2021 20:06:51

Runaway cows escape California meatpacking plant
About 40 cows made a run for it and wandered through the town of Pico Rivera.
Published: Jun 23, 2021 19:06:22

South African 10 babies story not true, inquiry finds
Gosiame Sithole was not recently pregnant and is receiving psychological support, officials say.
Published: Jun 23, 2021 19:06:25

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$feeds = array();
$feeds _querypath_examples_show_multiplerss($urls10);
$feeds as $date => $item) {
$out .= '<p>' l($item['title'], $item['link']) 
' <br />From: ' $item['url'
' <br />' $item['desc'
' <br />Published: ' date("M d, Y H:m:s"$date) . '</p>';


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