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Hong Kong pro-democracy tycoon Jimmy Lai detained for fraud
The prominent pro-democracy supporter's detention comes a day after several activists were jailed.
Published: Dec 03, 2020 14:12:59

Brexit: UK-EU trade talks down to the wire
The UK and EU teams are under pressure to finalise an agreement, as talks continue in London.
Published: Dec 03, 2020 14:12:32

Ethiopian Jews flown to Israel in latest operation
Israel's PM speaks of tears in his eyes as he welcomes the group, the first of an expected wave.
Published: Dec 03, 2020 13:12:30

Stockholm mother no longer suspected of imprisoning son
Prosecutors say there is no evidence the adult male was held against his will, as the woman is freed.
Published: Dec 03, 2020 13:12:11

Alieu Kosiah: Liberian ex-commander faces war crimes trial
Alieu Kosiah, 45, is accused of murder, rape, recruiting child soldiers and a host of other crimes.
Published: Dec 03, 2020 13:12:19

Coronavirus: US hits record Covid cases and hospitalisations
Two records are reached on Wednesday, amid fears the pace will not slow leading up to Christmas.
Published: Dec 03, 2020 12:12:48

Giscard d'Estaing: France mourns ex-president, dead at 94
The former president of France, who has died aged 94, was a force for greater European integration.
Published: Dec 03, 2020 07:12:37

Defund the Police: Obama says 'snappy slogan' risks alienating people
His comments drew a backlash from progressive Democrats who want to see police funds diverted.
Published: Dec 03, 2020 06:12:46

'Stay home,' says US mayor at Mexico beach resort
Steve Adler is the latest US politician accused of Covid-19 double standards, but he denies breaking rules.
Published: Dec 03, 2020 05:12:01

India Muslim man arrested under 'love jihad' law
He is the first to be arrested under a controversial anti-conversion law passed last month.
Published: Dec 03, 2020 05:12:52

Chinese step up attempts to influence Biden team - US official
A US intelligence official says Beijing is targeting people close to the incoming US president.
Published: Dec 03, 2020 03:12:14

'Ditch high definition and new tech to fight climate change'
Scientists are urging people and firms to change the way they use technology to reduce emissions.
Published: Dec 03, 2020 01:12:02

Trump 'stoking vast conspiracy' says Georgia election official
Gabriel Sterling, who's called out threats against workers, says the president's words "have consequences".
Published: Dec 03, 2020 00:12:39

Why Donald Trump keeps outperforming the polls
He lost the election, but did better than most experts were predicting. How does this keep happening?
Published: Dec 02, 2020 22:12:57

Baby girl born from record-setting 27-year-old embryo
One-month old Molly Gibson has broken the record set by her own sister, Emma, now three years old.
Published: Dec 02, 2020 22:12:42

Pat Patterson, first openly gay professional wrestler, dies aged 79
Tributes are paid to the "trailblazer" and WWE Hall of Fame member whose career spanned six decades.
Published: Dec 02, 2020 21:12:17

Ex-Arizona politician sentenced for adoption scheme
The former elected official had arranged over 70 illegal adoptions across three states since 2015.
Published: Dec 02, 2020 20:12:02

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= array("",
$feeds = array();
$feeds _querypath_examples_show_multiplerss($urls10);
$feeds as $date => $item) {
$out .= '<p>' l($item['title'], $item['link']) 
' <br />From: ' $item['url'
' <br />' $item['desc'
' <br />Published: ' date("M d, Y H:m:s"$date) . '</p>';


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